.tax me! [de]

Wer hätte gedacht, dass in der Finanzverwaltung jemand mit einem Fünkchen Witz sitzt? Ich habe mich gerade für Elster-Online registriert, und habe mich doch einigermaßen über die Datei-Endungen gefreut, die sie dort durchgehend in Ihren URL-Pfaden verwenden. Hier z.B.: https://www.elsteronline.de/eportal/eop/auth/Registrierung.tax Und, dass die Leute dort überhaupt genug Englisch beherrschen? Das ist schon mal einen Oettinger… Continue reading .tax me! [de]

Turbo!!! [en]

Here’s some footage of our recent kite-trip to the Netherlands: The extra Step (electrical motion!) from David Kullack on Vimeo. … well, all the action shots feature Tobi or Ranja – I guess I still need to practice a lot;)

Meetings — who doesn’t love them? [en]

… and I do think it’s particularly tough for engineers: I’m lucky enough to work at a company, where most folks are not complete morons. It’s sometimes slightly worse with our business partners though. Anyhow, I can feel for that guy. Stumbled upon through a fb-post by DerKalle.

Allvais wis ze Görmaans: Edward Snowden Edition [en]

So the NDR (a branch of Germany’s public broadcasting service ARD) got to interview Edward Snowden — exclusive stuff apparently. And whom do they send to talk to him? Some nitwit called Hubert Seipel, whose English sounds like a combination of the Simpsons’ Rainier Wolfcastle and Bond-villain Maximilian Largo. I don’t know much about that… Continue reading Allvais wis ze Görmaans: Edward Snowden Edition [en]

Savage [en]

I’m more and more becoming a fan of Dan Savage. He’s one of these guys, who constantly manage to point out the nuisance of religion, without being a total dick about it. That may be, because instead of just weighing in on abstract, philosophical questions, he actually does something good for society. He’s an LGBT… Continue reading Savage [en]

Strč prst skrz krk [de]

Beim neuen Lesekompetenztest für Erwachsene der Titanic scheinen Tschechen ja eindeutig im Vorteil zu sein.  Trotzdem würde man der OECD gerne auch auf Deutsch sagen: “Steck dir den Finger durch den Hals”, und was auch immer “grmpf” bedeutet.

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On Gay Horses [en]

The following has been said by Rowan Atkinson over a year ago. It is concerned with specific piece of legislation over in Britain, but its approach to freedom of speech is a far more general one: Just in case anyone wonders about the piece from Not the Nine O’Clock News that is mentioned: Constable Savage… Continue reading On Gay Horses [en]

OpenSSL CLI-Cheat-Sheet [en]

The OpenSSL library is utilized by a wide range of other open-source projects, like web-servers, mail-servers, VPN-servers, etc. When dealing with such software and SSL, it often proves useful to be familiar with the openssl command-line tools. Of course, OpenSSL does have great man-pages, and a quick web-search reveals plenty of usage examples. However, OpenSSL… Continue reading OpenSSL CLI-Cheat-Sheet [en]