Allvais wis ze Görmaans: Edward Snowden Edition [en]

So the NDR (a branch of Germany’s public broadcasting service ARD) got to interview Edward Snowden — exclusive stuff apparently. And whom do they send to talk to him? Some nitwit called Hubert Seipel, whose English sounds like a combination of the Simpsons’ Rainier Wolfcastle and Bond-villain Maximilian Largo. I don’t know much about that… Continue reading Allvais wis ze Görmaans: Edward Snowden Edition [en]

Savage [en]

I’m more and more becoming a fan of Dan Savage. He’s one of these guys, who constantly manage to point out the nuisance of religion, without being a total dick about it. That may be, because instead of just weighing in on abstract, philosophical questions, he actually does something good for society. He’s an LGBT… Continue reading Savage [en]

On Gay Horses [en]

The following has been said by Rowan Atkinson over a year ago. It is concerned with specific piece of legislation over in Britain, but its approach to freedom of speech is a far more general one: Just in case anyone wonders about the piece from Not the Nine O’Clock News that is mentioned: Constable Savage… Continue reading On Gay Horses [en]

New Rule: Germany Needs a TV-Show Like Bill Maher’s [en]

Germany has never been as renown for good comedy or politics, as it was for bureaucracy, luxury cars, or invading Poland. Needless to say that political TV shows here are pretty repetitive and uncontroversial. I have to admit that I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I’m always bored to death when I get… Continue reading New Rule: Germany Needs a TV-Show Like Bill Maher’s [en]