Allvais wis ze Görmaans: Edward Snowden Edition [en]

So the NDR (a branch of Germany’s public broadcasting service ARD) got to interview Edward Snowden — exclusive stuff apparently. And whom do they send to talk to him? Some nitwit called Hubert Seipel, whose English sounds like a combination of the Simpsons’ Rainier Wolfcastle and Bond-villain Maximilian Largo.

I don’t know much about that man’s eligibility otherwise, but just trying to listen to the first 3 minutes of the interview made me grind my teeth. Harsh stuff. Seriously.

Would I do better myself? Hell no! But neither would I dare to take upon me such a task. Doesn’t the ARD have any qualified staff at all? What am I paying my mandatory fees for, anyway?

Ranting about superficial bullshit aside, I hear the actual contents of the interview are rather disappointing themselves. Well, I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and watch the whole interview, if I want to find out for myself…

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