It’s been a while [en]

My last post here has been over 4 years ago. I’ve really neglected this blog. Let’s see, if I can change that… Part of the problem was the rotten technology underneath. Even apart from WordPress. It was running on some weird virtual server at a local hosting provider. Weird, because it was neither full virtualization… Continue reading It’s been a while [en]

The xkcd guy nails it again [en]

This time, at the intersection of computer science (my occupation) and biology (my hobby): According to Randall, we’re still 2 years ahead of the hype cycle. Anyone willing to join me in switching to CRISPR/Cas9 by then? Update: Thinking about it, told you so.

OpenSSL CLI-Cheat-Sheet [en]

The OpenSSL library is utilized by a wide range of other open-source projects, like web-servers, mail-servers, VPN-servers, etc. When dealing with such software and SSL, it often proves useful to be familiar with the openssl command-line tools. Of course, OpenSSL does have great man-pages, and a quick web-search reveals plenty of usage examples. However, OpenSSL… Continue reading OpenSSL CLI-Cheat-Sheet [en]

Ubuntu Full-Disk-Encryption – A Field Report [en]

Since my old notebook computer recently gave up on me, I had to install a new one from scratch. I finally decided to give Ubuntu a go, after I had been using Debian (testing) for almost a decade. I must say that I’m really impressed with Ubuntu’s lean installation process, which handles diverse aspects like… Continue reading Ubuntu Full-Disk-Encryption – A Field Report [en]

29C3 Talk: Certificate Authority Collapse [en]

Just watching axelarnbak‘s 29C3 talk on Certificate Authority Collapse, which covers structural flaws in SSL. I’ve reported on the mess with SSL before, and you may notice related complications (see CAcert) while browsing this page. After a good summary, the talk mainly focuses on structural problems and regulatory solution approaches. But apparently there are other… Continue reading 29C3 Talk: Certificate Authority Collapse [en]