Thai Pumpkin Soup [en]

2 Onions
2 tbsp Olive Oil
2 tbsp Green Curry Paste
4 cups Vegetable Stock
2 Carrots
1 kg Pumpkin (peeled and seeded)
2 Kumara (a.k.a. sweet potato)
400 ml Coconut Cream
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
Coriander Leaves


  1. Chop and sauté onions using olive oil.
  2. Add curry paste, boil and stir for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Add vegetable stock and keep cooking.
  4. Add sliced carrots, then diced pumpkin and kumara.
  5. Cover and boil for 10 to 12 minutes.
  6. Sieve vegetables, purée them, and re-add to soup.
  7. Add coconut cream and soy sauce, bring to boil again.

Serve hot, garnished with coriander leaves.


Step 6 – sieve the vegetables – is kinda controversial. My original notes on this recipe didn’t anything about re-adding them. That would make this a rather clear soup. I prefer adding them back in, which makes the soup nice and thick. Usually I don’t bother sieving the veggies out, and just treat the whole soup with a hand blender.


Not sure how Thai this recipe actually is. I got it from a co-worker (forgot her name) in Tauranga, New Zealand. That’s why I like to stick to the word Kumara for sweet potato. I think it’s of Maori origin, but it’s in common use all over the place.

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