The weather in Tunisia [en]

So I’ve spent waiting for wind on the island of Djerba, Tunisia, for almost one week to no avail. (With one exception yesterday, that is, when I finally got the opportunity to go kite-surfing. For about 30 mins.)

All forecasts for today looked equally bleak: around 5 knots in the early morning, afterwards nothing for most part of the day. So I went to the spot early trying to  seek out the last remains of wind.

Then, this happens:

Wind and Weather on Djerba TodayThe wind was already at 18 knots when I arrived, so I hurried into the water. Pretty soon I was overpowered with my 14 m² kite – unexpectedly the wind went stronger, not weaker.

Around noon, it was a full-blown storm. This also meant nearby lightning, so I had to get off the water after roughly 2 hours. It took quite some time for the thunderstorm to clear, and I was eager to go for another round. However, before we realized the storm was over, all the wind was gone. Never seen it fall from the mid twenties to almost zero so rapidly.

Weird day. Great spot nevertheless. I may be back some time…

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