Fall of Civilizations [en]

A while ago, the YouTube algorithm suggested an episode of the Fall of Civilizations podcast. Not exactly sure why, because I rarely watch history topics online. (I do sometimes read up on history topics on Wikipedia, so maybe that’s why? Although I cannot see any obvious 3rd-party tracking code on Wikipedia.) Even more rarely do I follow overly random YouTube suggestions, but this time I clicked the video and started watching. Here’s the trailer:

And somehow I got hooked. By now, I’ve watched all 12 episodes that are available today. Some of them are several hours long and more episodes are in the making. Here’s my top 5 so far:

  1. The Bronze Age Collapse
    Hell yeah, “sea peoples”. Also see this talk by some other guy.
  2. The Sumerians
    I like my history ancient and this is about as ancient as it gets.
  3. Byzantium
    A.k.a. the Eastern Roman Empire, definitely a big one – I wonder if there will be an episode about the collapse of the western part?
  4. The Aztecs
    And also The Inca and The Mayans. Sorry, for lumping them together. The non-European perspective is often marginalized where I live.
  5. Easter Island
    I’m fascinated by the history of Polynesia, maybe because I lived there for a while. Well, that was New Zealand, one of the other corners of that huge triangle.
    (This episode got featured on Fefe’s Blog recently, which is also very random.)

Not sure why I like that shit so much. Back in school I was never particularly keen on history. And frankly, a fair portion of my history knowledge comes from the first two Age of Empires games — Wololo! — not just the re-enacted battles, but also the background info for the campaigns. Well that, and Wikipedia, and having visited a fair amount of historic places.