It’s been a while [en]

My last post here has been over 4 years ago. I’ve really neglected this blog. Let’s see, if I can change that…

Part of the problem was the rotten technology underneath. Even apart from WordPress. It was running on some weird virtual server at a local hosting provider. Weird, because it was neither full virtualization nor light-weight containerization. It felt like it combined the worst of both worlds.

It certainly wasn’t fun to work with it, so I didn’t. The server was down for several months in a row at multiple times. I never installed a TLS certificate that would be accepted by mainstream browsers. I had no backups whatsoever. And everything was set up manually.

During the past few weeks, I have changed most of that. By now, the technology is in good enough shape that I feel comfortable blogging again. I hope to share more about that shortly. And I guess there will be more cooking recipes, too.

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