Nexus One/Android: First Impressions [en]

Ok, so it’s been a while now, since I’ve got my Nexus One. I have to admit, I did not toy around with it too much yet. Did not even install any custom software ‒ or do I have to say “apps” nowadays?

I have to say it’s a still a pretty amazing phone! However, there are some things that bother me about the out-of-the-box Android 2.2 it’s running:

  1. Google ID
    Every other pre-installed app asks me to enter my Google ID before I can use it. Well, I do have a Google ID somewhere, but I certainly don’t want to use it on a regular basis.
  2. Contacts and calendar sync
    The contacts and calendar only sync with the corresponding Google services or with Microsoft Exchange. Actually, I cannot even use the calendar without configuring one of these m(
    At least I can use contacts without a Google ID. I could even import my old contacts from VCard file.
  3. IMAP Folders
    The pre-installed e-mail app works quite well with IMAP accounts. However, there is no way to specify the names of the IMAP folders for drafts and sent messages. It simply assumes “drafts” and “sent”.
    Why would I want to change that? Well I’m German after all, so all my other IMAP clients (basically Evolution and Thunderbird) use the corresponding German names for these folders: “Entwürfe” and “Gesendet”. So does the web-mail application of my e-mail provider.
  4. Access to the filesystem
    There’s no way to directly access the filesystem of the SD-card from the phone. I did not even find a way to access the downloads-folder without doing a new download.
    However, I can easily access the filesystem as a USB mass storage device.
  5. Bluetooth profile support
    The out-of-the-box support for Bluetooth is really poor, even compared to my 4 years old Sony Ericsson W850i. The phone does support Object Push and several Headset/Audio Profiles.
    However, it lacks many important profiles like OBEX and PAN. That is, I cannot browse the filesystem of the Nexus One via Bluetooth. And my notebook computer cannot use it as a Bluetooth access-point for mobile internet.
    And what about more fancy stuff: How about using the phone as a wireless mouse? The motion sensor should be able do the trick!
  6. MP3 streams
    Could not find a way to play audio streams, yet. In the browser, when I click the stream URL of my favorite Vienna radio station, I only get to see an Icecast HTML page. The built-in MP3 player does not seem to support streams, either. Podcasts work fine though.

Well, I guess most of these annoyances can be solved by installing appropriate software. I’ll let you know how it all works out…

However, it might be a while till I get around to take care of it. I’m busy with other stuff, too. It’s summer after all!

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